In my shoes- at a restaurant

One of the scariest places for someone with an allergy to be is at a restaurant. This is completely natural, because it is a place full of potentially deadly things. To give you a better idea of what it is like, I’ll put you in my shoes.

You go into the restaurant, find a table and sit down. Depending on the restaurant, the server will likely bring out bread or something. Don’t eat the bread. It is usually brought from an outside facility that manufactures peanuts and tree nuts. So you watch as everyone around you eats their bread.  Let’s face it, bread is your favorite part of any meal, so you are bummed.

The waiter comes again and takes your order. You give him the whole allergy speech, telling him what you are allergic to and asking him what you can and can’t have. Likely, the waiter won’t have any idea and you ask him to call over the chef, who comes a few minutes later.

You tell the chef about your allergy and he tells you what you can and can’t have. You sigh as you realize the dish you wanted can’t be prepared safely, and you give him your second choice. The chef leaves and soon the waiter comes back with your specially prepared meal. Your sister offers you a bite of her sandwich, telling you its really good. You politely refuse, saying that since your meal was the only one prepared allergy safe, you can’t have anyone else’s. When the meal is over, you and your family leave.

As you can see, going to a restaurant, an allergy person like me has to follow a certain routine, and make a few sacrifices. But as long as it keeps me safe, its well worth it.

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  1. I like the planetbox you have for lunch….that looks like a perfect size for me too (your dad might need the larger one LOL)

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