Festive in Frankenmuth!

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you have been having a fantastic holiday season. I love this time of year because the weeks around Thanksgiving are when I get to eat all kinds of different delicious food!

One of my favorite days around the holiday season is the day I go to Frankenmuth, which is a town in Michigan that is home to Bronner’s, the world’s biggest Christmas store, and my favorite restaurant ever, Zehnder’s.

Zehnder’s is a restaurant in Frankemuth famous throughout the country for its chicken dinners, and lucky for me, it’s only about a two-hour drive from my house!

I love being able to eat there with my family, and the day before Thanksgiving, we drove over to Frankenmuth to go to both Zehnder’s and Bronner’s. The food was delicious, and one of the reasons why I love Thanksgiving time even more than Christmas. Food is everything to me after all! I was able to enjoy everything except the bread and stuffing.

After we left Zehner’s, I was full for the rest of the night, but I still had plenty of room the next day for Thaksgiving, which I’ll be sure to talk about in my next post.

Until then, here are some pictures of me and my family over at Frankenmuth.


Until next time!