Dining at Disney- Beaches and Cream

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I definitely enjoyed my experience at all of the restaurants I visited at Disney; however, the one I visited the most was a fantastic place called Beaches and Cream!

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During the vacation, my family and I had stayed in the Beach Club resort, in the villas because my parents are a part of the Disney Vacation Club. We all love the resort, and I definitely think the room we stayed in was one of the nicest hotel rooms we have ever stayed in at Disney. The resort is home to a whole bunch of pools, a huge marketplace, and of course, Beaches and Cream.

It’s an insanely popular 50s themed restaurant on the Beach Club resort grounds that serves a relatively decent dinner menu, but its specialty is without a doubt its ice cream. It’s arguably the best dessert you can get at Disney, and by far the most accommodating restaurant in Disney for those with allergies.

That’s right, the award for safest allergy restaurant goes to, against all odds, a restaurant that specializes in dessert.

The first time my family and I went to the restaurant, I wanted to save some room for dessert, so I ordered from the kid’s menu and got a hot dog. Even though it was from the kid’s menu, it was still a very decent dinner for what it was.

I really like hot dogs, and that was a very good hot dog. The fries were great too. Of course, the main event was the ice cream. Beaches and cream has a variety of different ice cream choices, but the most impressive thing about them are their allergy accommodations.

The restaurant, like almost all Disney restaurants, has an allergy menu, but in addition to that, they have a separate allergy kitchen for guests who need allergy accommodations. Supervisors use separate equipment in a separate location, as well as separate containers of ice cream to make ice cream for all different types of allergies. They’reĀ serious about their safety.

We went to the restaurant three different times and each time I ordered the same thing: three scoops of cookies and cream with marshmallow topping and extra whipped cream.

It’s a whole lot of ice cream, and it was really good. The entire restaurant is definitely an eleven out of ten, and I would recommend it to anyone going to Disney who feels like they won’t be able to have any desserts. Its accommodations are truly excellent, and so is its ice cream.

I’ll be sure to talk about more of the restaurants I went to in the future, the good and the not so good. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Dining at Disney- Beaches and Cream

  1. I stumbled across your blog, and read up to this post. We are going to disney in june, and it will be my 6 year olds first time with an allergy. I am hoping to find a few treats he can focus on, so he does 6 feel so left out on the giant cupcakes he used to love! I’m sorry about your ,OAS, hang in there. Sounds like you have a wonderful family supporting you though!

    • What’s his allergy? I’m peanut and tree nut and there were quite a few options. The chefs in each restaurant typically are able to make deserts that are allergen free, but always check to your comfort level of course.

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