College Search Update-Michigan State University!

Hello everyone!

A little while ago I wrote a post on my trip to MSU for a scholarship competition and I wanted to write a quick little update on how that all went. Overall, I loved the place! Everyone was so nice and really enthusiastic about their school. It made me genuinely excited to be there.

My family stayed at the Kellogg Center, which is a super nice hotel right on campus, run by the students who are training in the hospitality department. As for food, there were a lot of options. I always felt like I was right in the middle of everything there, and it seemed like there was a restaurant around every corner.

Even with all of the restaurants, my favorite places to eat by far were the university dining halls. There were just so many options, and certain dining halls in MSU, including the one I ate at, are made to be safe for people with allergies like mine!

My first day there, I ate at Holmes Hall for lunch. I had pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries, all of which were amazingly delicious. My favorite part of that meal is the fact that they had a refrigerator area with desserts made to be safe for people with allergies like mine!

They had a really delicious cake/pie thing (pictured above). My favorite part was that they wrapped it up all nice to prevent cross contamination. Very groovy!

The second day I was there, we were also able to have breakfast in Brody dining hall. It was even bigger than Holmes, and the food was amazing!

I basically stuck to hash-browns and french toast sticks, but they were amazing!!! Overall I had a really great time there. The food was amazing, and the experience was great too. I can really see myself going to college there, which is exciting to me.

I don’t know how I did on the competition portion of the event yet, but really all that matters to me is that I had a great time! I’ll be sure to update the blog if I do get any information on the scholarship though.

Until next time!