Disney Eats Part 1

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been writing in a while but I just took a trip to Disney to celebrate my birthday! It was super fun and I’m super sad that I’m back, but it was definitely the greatest experience of my life and I am happy to share my trip experiences with my readers.

As I said before, Disney is a great place for people with allergies. While I was certainly surprised by the amount of stuff that I couldn’t have this trip (I definitely felt more restricted this trip—-but more on that later), I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of stuff that I could have. In fact, the next couple of weeks will be entirely devoted to blog posts about all of the safe food I had at Disney World.

The very first day I came to Disney, right after the plane landed and we had checked in at our hotel and dropped everything off, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom.

By this time, everyone (especially me) was starving, and since I was craving hot dogs, we ate at Casey’s Corner on Main Street. It’s a little quick service restaurant with a baseball theme that specializes in its hot dogs. Because we were all especially starving, everyone got these giant foot long hot dogs. They were the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

I was the only one in my family who managed to finish it—-teenage boy metabolism to the rescue.  The fries there were also some of the best fries I had in Disney, and trust me, I had A LOT of fries in Disney.

Allergy-wise, there was really nothing to worry about. I was able to have the hot dog, the bun (which is especially impressive because bread is a giant allergy issue in Disney), and the fries. Overall this was not only my favorite quick service meals, but one of my favorite meals that I had in Disney period.

Until next time, and stay tuned for more Disney posts!


Of course, before enjoying any of the food I post about, double check with your allergist and make sure to talk to the chef and read the ingredient lists. Your food restrictions may differ from mine.