Like a superhero coming out of hiding, I once again return to save the world. That’s right, Peanut Free Gary is back! This time I’m older, wiser, and I’m probably better at writing than I was in high school. I realized not too long ago that, even though I stopped writing for my blog, there was still so much that I had left unsaid, and so much that needed to be covered. Allergy awareness is still an issue, so it’s my duty to get back to work writing about my life, and about things that are going on in the allergy world. I’ll be making about two posts every week for the near future, so stay tuned! I’m so excited to get back out there and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

As for today, it seems only fitting that I catch everyone up on what’s been going on in my life during my prolonged absence. Having been accepted into MSU, I took a year off my blog to focus on my college life. I went into freshman year pursuing a degree in biochemistry, but after taking a single programming class, I decided to alter my entire degree path and pursue computer science instead. I honestly can’t tell whether or not that was a smart choice on my end, but I’ve got high hopes for my future.

After struggling a bit to adjust during my first semester, I managed to make it out of second semester on the dean’s list, so that’s pretty exciting. COVID-19 was a rather large interruption in my college career, and I ended up taking the last couple months of schooling at home. As of now, I’ve been quarantined for months without leaving the house, and frankly it’s getting boring, but I count my family incredibly fortunate for having avoided catching this virus.

Overall though, I’m doing fine here. Food-wise, my mom has got things covered. Her oversight borders on prophetic, so she was able to stock up on enough stuff before quarantine hit that we’ve been relatively comfortable for the past few months. When we do need things, we get them delivered. I’ve been practically living off of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch that we now receive in regular shipments. I’m used to not being able to go to restaurants or eating out, so eating exclusively at home honestly isn’t that big of a change, but I do find myself wishing for a trip to McDonalds to break the monotony.

Mainly though, I’ve just been lonely. Going from living in a community with my peers, attending classes every day, and eating in a vibrant dining hall to being secluded to my house was an adjustment to be sure. I had so enjoyed the freedom that college had offered me, and to have it taken away so abruptly by something completely out of my control just doesn’t seem fair. 

Even so, I know I’m one of the fortunate ones. My family is all fine, and we’re able to sustain ourselves comfortably, so my loneliness is a petty issue at most, but that’s what this blog is for! What better way to combat that crushing feeling of isolation than to write to the vast abyss that is the internet? I look forward to spreading allergy awareness through writing, and to the means of catharsis it will provide to me. Stay tuned, because I’ll have a lot to say in the coming weeks!

Until next time!


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