Dining at Disney- Casey’s Corner

My all-time favorite quick service restaurant in Disney is probably one of the simplest. It’s a place located in the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, right by the Emporium. It’s called Casey’s Corner, and it specializes in it’s hot dogs and fries. It might sound simple, but hot dogs are my favorite thing in the world. I love hot dogs. All I need is mustard and they’re perfect.

Luckily for me, Casey’s Corner has a LOT of hot dogs. If you’re really hungry though, which I always am, you can order the big ol’ foot-long hot dog. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hot dog. It’s a foot long. It’s delicious. Period. I couldn’t find any pictures of them from this trip, but I do have a picture from last year (I go there every trip. It’s a thing.)

The hot dogs and fries are totally safe for my allergy. Even more, they’re really delicious. I’ve had a lot of fries over the course of my Disney trips, but I think the one’s from this restaurant are by far my favorite. The hot dogs from here are the best ones in Disney as well. By far. The only small negative is that this place is pretty popular, and there are only a limited number of inside and outside seats. It’s usually hard to find a seat after we order food here. We always manage though. My mom has eyes for that kind of thing.

Overall, this place is a total ten out of ten. I really love hot dogs, and this place is like a hot dog lover’s dream. It’s basically all hot dogs though, so if you don’t like hot dogs, you’re out of luck. I, however, love them, so this is by far my favorite quick service in Disney.

Until next time, when I announce my favorite restaurant pick in Disney!




Dining at Disney- Lotus Blossom Cafe

I decided to write about a quick service restaurant I went to during my Disney trip for this post. A bit of a change from the norm, I know but this one was special to me, and I’ll explain why in a bit. For those of you unfamiliar with the Disney lingo, a quick service is like Disney’s fast food stands, but really good.

If you’ve never heard of the Lotus Blossom Cafe, I don’t blame you. I didn’t either. It’s one of many many quick service restaurants within Disney, this one within Epcot China. The reason this one stood out to me so much was because, to be honest, I’ve never had Chinese food before. It’s almost guaranteed to be not safe for someone with my allergies, so I’ve made it a rule to just steer clear of Chinese food by principle.

However, like usual, Disney did a great job making the food safe. We were presented with an allergy menu, and found, to our extreme delight, that almost everything on the menu was safe for me. It was a very exciting moment for me to be honest.

I ended up choosing the spicy chicken meal. I still don’t know whether that was a good or a bad choice. Positives: It tasted incredible. Probably the best chicken I’ve had in… ever? It was just really really good, especially for a quick service restaurant. Negatives: I could only make it about two-thirds of the way through my meal before I had to stop eating. It was just SO SPICY. Personally I like spicy things, but this was just crazy. I regret nothing though. It was delicious and I would order the same thing again, even if it did make my mouth feel like it was burning. Ten out of ten.

Here I am with my dad eating the fire chicken. When I couldn’t finish it he ate the rest. He also ate what my sister couldn’t eat. Actually now that I think about it he ate the majority of the food we bought at that restaurant. He really liked the food there.

There’s one more quick service that I want to discuss on here, and then I’ll do the grand reveal of my favorite restaurant of my last trip!

Until next time!


Dining at Disney- Tokyo Dining

Hello readers!

For my next post, I thought I’d highlight one of the more unique dining experiences that I had within Disney. Around the beginning of my trip, my family and I had lunch at a really nice restaurant in Epcot Japan: Tokyo Dining.

Epcot Japan has two really nice sit-down restaurants located in the same building. One is a hibachi style restaurant where they cook the food in front of you, called Teppan Edo. The other is a more traditional style restaurant where guests can order Japanese style dishes like sushi.

Normally during my Disney trips, my family likes to visit Teppan Edo. I’ll admit, it is one of my favorite restaurants. I love the hibachi style and I’ve eaten at similar restaurants closer to home. With that being said, I actually prefer Tokyo Dining, as does the rest of my family.

I decided I was gonna be extra adventurous when I went there, so I ended up ordering the Bento Box meal. It’s five separate meals in a Bento style tray. There’s sushi, steak, chicken, salad, and tempura. It looks like the picture below.

Image result for tokyo dining bento box

When I ordered, we had the chef come out and talk with us about making the meal to fit within my allergy requirements. He was super helpful, and walked us through each thing that I could have or not have, and was sure to supplement the things that I couldn’t have with extra sushi.

I’ll admit, this was the first time I had ever eaten raw fish, so I was kinda concerned, but it was all good. I ended up really liking it!

Gosh, just look at me. I’m using the starter chopsticks and everything. Haha. I was so into it. Anyway, it was probably my second favorite meal of the entire trip (I have yet to reveal the first). The sushi was actually amazing, I discovered I like raw fish. The steak and the chicken were great, but what really stood out for me was the tempura. It was shrimp and vegetable tempura, and HOLY COW I loved it! Like I said, the majority of this was completely new to me, and I had never had tempura in my life before this but dang, it was really good.

Overall, it was just a really great experience overall. The food and the atmosphere were amazing and I would totally give it a ten out of ten.

Stay tuned for my next post when I discuss some of the quick-service places I went to in Disney!

Until next time!


Dining at Disney- Mama Melrose’s

Hello everyone!

For my next post on my Disney dining experience, I thought I’d tell you about my mom’s favorite restaurant (and we had to talk her into going to this one) that we visited. It’s a really great Italian restaurant in a corner of Hollywood Studios called Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano.

When my mom asked me for two restaurant suggestions before we went to Disney, the two that I suggested were my favorite restaurant ever, Crystal Palace, and Mama Melrose’s. That’s how much I love this restaurant. I really like Italian food in general and this restaurant does it very well.

The entire place is like, Italian times ten. The decorations are extravagant and fabulous. Italian flags hang everywhere, little statues of babies holding wine and grapes decorate the entrance. I remember seeing spaghetti hanging from the windows. I love it.  It is like going to my Nona’s house.

Image result for mama melrose

The food is no different. Spaghetti, tiramisu, the whole shebang. I love it!

Unfortunately, none of the desserts were safe, so even though I love myself some tiramisu, I had to hold off. The chef, however, was incredibly accommodating. Since I couldn’t have the bread served or the dessert, he gave me double the spaghetti and meatballs I ordered, as well as free Enjoy Life cookies to act as dessert instead!

Okay I know I look terrible in this picture but in my defense this was a candid shot and the main feature of the picture is just how much spaghetti I got! It was super delicious and I was stuffed at the end.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I also ordered an appetizer because I couldn’t have dessert or bread. I ordered this delicious mozzarella  cheese and tomato dish. I have always loved this appetizer, but I had totally forgotten that I couldn’t eat raw fruits or vegetables anymore (more on that in another post) and I was only able to eat the cheese.

All in all, I really enjoyed my dinner. The spaghetti was amazing, and the chef was super nice and accommodating to my allergy. A definite ten out of ten. It was a ten out of ten for my mom too, as I said. It was her favorite restaurant of the trip and she went on and on about it for days.

Anyway, that’s all for this post, but stay tuned, because next time we’re going to Epcot Japan!

Until next time!


Dining at Disney- Beaches and Cream

Hello everyone!

I definitely enjoyed my experience at all of the restaurants I visited at Disney; however, the one I visited the most was a fantastic place called Beaches and Cream!

Image result for beaches and cream

During the vacation, my family and I had stayed in the Beach Club resort, in the villas because my parents are a part of the Disney Vacation Club. We all love the resort, and I definitely think the room we stayed in was one of the nicest hotel rooms we have ever stayed in at Disney. The resort is home to a whole bunch of pools, a huge marketplace, and of course, Beaches and Cream.

It’s an insanely popular 50s themed restaurant on the Beach Club resort grounds that serves a relatively decent dinner menu, but its specialty is without a doubt its ice cream. It’s arguably the best dessert you can get at Disney, and by far the most accommodating restaurant in Disney for those with allergies.

That’s right, the award for safest allergy restaurant goes to, against all odds, a restaurant that specializes in dessert.

The first time my family and I went to the restaurant, I wanted to save some room for dessert, so I ordered from the kid’s menu and got a hot dog. Even though it was from the kid’s menu, it was still a very decent dinner for what it was.

I really like hot dogs, and that was a very good hot dog. The fries were great too. Of course, the main event was the ice cream. Beaches and cream has a variety of different ice cream choices, but the most impressive thing about them are their allergy accommodations.

The restaurant, like almost all Disney restaurants, has an allergy menu, but in addition to that, they have a separate allergy kitchen for guests who need allergy accommodations. Supervisors use separate equipment in a separate location, as well as separate containers of ice cream to make ice cream for all different types of allergies. They’re serious about their safety.

We went to the restaurant three different times and each time I ordered the same thing: three scoops of cookies and cream with marshmallow topping and extra whipped cream.

It’s a whole lot of ice cream, and it was really good. The entire restaurant is definitely an eleven out of ten, and I would recommend it to anyone going to Disney who feels like they won’t be able to have any desserts. Its accommodations are truly excellent, and so is its ice cream.

I’ll be sure to talk about more of the restaurants I went to in the future, the good and the not so good. Until next time!


Disney 2018 – Crystal Palace!

Hello again!

I understand it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve had a lot of other things to work on during the school year, but summer vacation has left me with a lot of material for posts, specifically about my recent trip to Disney World. As I’ve said before, Disney World does a great job in ensuring that their food can be enjoyed by guests of all allergy backgrounds, so many of the restaurants I went to were able to serve delicious food.

My next few posts will be discussing this in detail, similar to the posts I made after my previous trip to Disney. Most of the restaurants I went to were different, so don’t worry about repeats!

By far my favorite restaurant in all of Disney is Crystal Palace breakfast. It’s an awesome buffet style sit-down restaurant where Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends go around and take pictures with you. As a hardcore Winnie the Pooh fan, that’s enough to make the restaurant my favorite, but the food is also incredible.

I especially like the French Toast puffs. They’re technically in the kid’s food section, but that doesn’t stop me or the rest of my family from taking a bunch. They’re like little delicious cinnamon clouds, and they’re only served at the Crystal Palace. Better yet, they’re safe for my allergy!

When we got to the palace during the trip, the waitress brought out the chef, who was incredibly nice. She walked me around the buffet table and pointed out each thing, telling me what I could or couldn’t have from the buffet. Then, she asked me what I wanted, and she prepared a special meal for me in the kitchen, free from the inherent cross contamination of a buffet style restaurant.

Here it is! The picture was kinda taken after I had eaten half the cheese from the bowl, but it’s mostly an accurate representation of my breakfast. I had asked for bacon, roast potatoes, cheese, and those things in the upper left corner are the french toast puffs. By far the best thing in the restaurant. When I had finished with the ones on that plate, the chef brought out another plate-full because I love then sooooooo much. Honestly, if you go to Crystal Palace for breakfast, you’re totally missing out if you don’t at least try these bad boys.

All in all, I’d give the place a ten out of ten, which is actually how many of the French toast puffs I ended up eating. The food was fantastic, the chef was super nice, and Winnie the Pooh was there. Totally my favorite restaurant in all of Disney.

I decided I’d post some more pictures of the meal as well:

Here’s me in the process of eating the cheese that was missing in the previous picture…

And I of course took a selfie with Winnie the Pooh. Squad goals.

I of course went to many more restaurants over the course of the vacation, so stay tuned for future posts, where I eat raw fish for the first time! It actually wasn’t horrible!

Until next time!