Dining at Disney- Casey’s Corner

My all-time favorite quick service restaurant in Disney is probably one of the simplest. It’s a place located in the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, right by the Emporium. It’s called Casey’s Corner, and it specializes in it’s hot dogs and fries. It might sound simple, but hot dogs are my favorite thing in the world. I love hot dogs. All I need is mustard and they’re perfect.

Luckily for me, Casey’s Corner has a LOT of hot dogs. If you’re really hungry though, which I always am, you can order the big ol’ foot-long hot dog. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a hot dog. It’s a foot long. It’s delicious. Period. I couldn’t find any pictures of them from this trip, but I do have a picture from last year (I go there every trip. It’s a thing.)

The hot dogs and fries are totally safe for my allergy. Even more, they’re really delicious. I’ve had a lot of fries over the course of my Disney trips, but I think the one’s from this restaurant are by far my favorite. The hot dogs from here are the best ones in Disney as well. By far. The only small negative is that this place is pretty popular, and there are only a limited number of inside and outside seats. It’s usually hard to find a seat after we order food here. We always manage though. My mom has eyes for that kind of thing.

Overall, this place is a total ten out of ten. I really love hot dogs, and this place is like a hot dog lover’s dream. It’s basically all hot dogs though, so if you don’t like hot dogs, you’re out of luck. I, however, love them, so this is by far my favorite quick service in Disney.

Until next time, when I announce my favorite restaurant pick in Disney!




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