Dining at Disney- Lotus Blossom Cafe

I decided to write about a quick service restaurant I went to during my Disney trip for this post. A bit of a change from the norm, I know but this one was special to me, and I’ll explain why in a bit. For those of you unfamiliar with the Disney lingo, a quick service is like Disney’s fast food stands, but really good.

If you’ve never heard of the Lotus Blossom Cafe, I don’t blame you. I didn’t either. It’s one of many many quick service restaurants within Disney, this one within Epcot China. The reason this one stood out to me so much was because, to be honest, I’ve never had Chinese food before. It’s almost guaranteed to be not safe for someone with my allergies, so I’ve made it a rule to just steer clear of Chinese food by principle.

However, like usual, Disney did a great job making the food safe. We were presented with an allergy menu, and found, to our extreme delight, that almost everything on the menu was safe for me. It was a very exciting moment for me to be honest.

I ended up choosing the spicy chicken meal. I still don’t know whether that was a good or a bad choice. Positives: It tasted incredible. Probably the best chicken I’ve had in… ever? It was just really really good, especially for a quick service restaurant. Negatives: I could only make it about two-thirds of the way through my meal before I had to stop eating. It was just SO SPICY. Personally I like spicy things, but this was just crazy. I regret nothing though. It was delicious and I would order the same thing again, even if it did make my mouth feel like it was burning. Ten out of ten.

Here I am with my dad eating the fire chicken. When I couldn’t finish it he ate the rest. He also ate what my sister couldn’t eat. Actually now that I think about it he ate the majority of the food we bought at that restaurant. He really liked the food there.

There’s one more quick service that I want to discuss on here, and then I’ll do the grand reveal of my favorite restaurant of my last trip!

Until next time!


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