Flavored Ice in Quarantine

I feel like I’m at a point where I need a constant influx of treats to keep me satisfied during quarantine, because I really have been eating just about anything in the house with a high sugar content. I don’t know what it is about being cooped up in the house all day everyday that sets off my sweet tooth, but whatever it is, it’s working. My new favorite treat to have during this very hot summer is flavored ice. It’s basically a snow cone but I eat it in a bowl so I can’t really¬†call it a snow cone, so “flavored ice” it is.

My mom bought a Snowie Max snow cone machine a while back, around the same time she bought the ice cream maker actually. I guess she felt the same way as I did about needing treats, and the great thing about flavored ice is that its like, no calories, so it’s her favorite diet treat. I just like it because it tastes good though. The snow cone maker doesn’t add the flavoring though, it just puts out a bunch of crushed up ice, like this.

To make the flavors, my mom bought these cool little Snowie flavor pouch thingies, and then mixed them with water and sugar. We keep all of our flavorings in plastic water bottles in the fridge so we can just use them over and over again. I was skeptical at first because snow cones were never really that high on my list of favorite treats, but these are actually really good.

My personal favorites are the orange and lemon flavors, but that’s just because I’m a sucker for anything citrus flavored. My sister on the other hand, loves these really weird combinations. There was a flavor called “tiger’s blood” that she mixed with coconut, and she also likes putting cherry and watermelon flavors together, so hers always looks like some weird red amalgamation. I’m sure it tastes fine but I’ve never been super adventurous in the flavor department myself. I just like how I have the option to flavor it however I want. Remember to always check the label if you want to recreate this, what’s safe for me might not be safe for you.

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