Disney 2018 – Crystal Palace!

Hello again!

I understand it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve had a lot of other things to work on during the school year, but summer vacation has left me with a lot of material for posts, specifically about my recent trip to Disney World. As I’ve said before, Disney World does a great job in ensuring that their food can be enjoyed by guests of all allergy backgrounds, so many of the restaurants I went to were able to serve delicious food.

My next few posts will be discussing this in detail, similar to the posts I made after my previous trip to Disney. Most of the restaurants I went to were different, so don’t worry about repeats!

By far my favorite restaurant in all of Disney is Crystal Palace breakfast. It’s an awesome buffet style sit-down restaurant where Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends go around and take pictures with you. As a hardcore Winnie the Pooh fan, that’s enough to make the restaurant my favorite, but the food is also incredible.

I especially like the French Toast puffs. They’re technically in the kid’s food section, but that doesn’t stop me or the rest of my family from taking a bunch. They’re like little delicious cinnamon clouds, and they’re only served at the Crystal Palace. Better yet, they’re safe for my allergy!

When we got to the palace during the trip, the waitress brought out the chef, who was incredibly nice. She walked me around the buffet table and pointed out each thing, telling me what I could or couldn’t have from the buffet. Then, she asked me what I wanted, and she prepared a special meal for me in the kitchen, free from the inherent cross contamination of a buffet style restaurant.

Here it is! The picture was kinda taken after I had eaten half the cheese from the bowl, but it’s mostly an accurate representation of my breakfast. I had asked for bacon, roast potatoes, cheese, and those things in the upper left corner are the french toast puffs. By far the best thing in the restaurant. When I had finished with the ones on that plate, the chef brought out another plate-full because I love then sooooooo much. Honestly, if you go to Crystal Palace for breakfast, you’re totally missing out if you don’t at least try these bad boys.

All in all, I’d give the place a ten out of ten, which is actually how many of the French toast puffs I ended up eating. The food was fantastic, the chef was super nice, and Winnie the Pooh was there. Totally my favorite restaurant in all of Disney.

I decided I’d post some more pictures of the meal as well:

Here’s me in the process of eating the cheese that was missing in the previous picture…

And I of course took a selfie with Winnie the Pooh. Squad goals.

I of course went to many more restaurants over the course of the vacation, so stay tuned for future posts, where I eat raw fish for the first time! It actually wasn’t horrible!

Until next time!


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