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A couple weeks ago I made a post about FARE, the largest nonprofit organization for life threatening food allergies. I highly recommend that site, as it is helpful for people facing allergies and their families, as well as people who want to learn more about food allergies. Well, I was recently on the FARE website when I discovered this really helpful tool for people going back to school. It’s called FARE’s Back to School Headquarters. It has a bunch of resources for students, parents, and school faculty.


From awareness posters, to emergency care plans, this website has everything that anyone could need.

This is an example of the emergency care plan from the FARE website. Before we discovered this, my father would spend HOURS making one from scratch. It’s super convenient to have a resource like this.

In addition, they also have¬†instructional materials for teachers who have students with allergies, anti allergy bullying materials, webinars and instructional videos, letters to send to school administrators, 504 plans,¬†and more. It’s crazy how convenient it is to have so many things for back to school all in one place. I’ll post the link below.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you find the website convenient, I sure did!

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  1. Thank you Gary…for all that you are doing for the food allergy community. Please also check out FAACT ( for back to school help.

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