Needlessly complicated needles

Recently, I was talking about the rise in EpiPen prices, and the media’s response. In my blog post this past Friday, I mentioned Mylan’s patent on their auto injector. This means that no other medication can replicate EpiPen’s easy injection. Instead, one cheaper alternative would rely on syringes to inject the important medication. I mentioned that in a stressful situation, it would be very difficult to use a needle. However, I wasn’t fully aware of how difficult it was.

In this news video, Toni Street, a mother of a child with life threatening allergies who is familiar with the use of an EpiPen tries to inject an orange using the syringe alternative. It doesn’t go well. Looking at the difficulties she had administering it, I am glad I have an EpiPen. I really don’t feel the syringe and vial of Epinephrine is a viable option for someone in distress.  The link to the video is posted below.


It truly does seem like there is no current alternative to EpiPen, which is bad. The only thing that would really make Mylan lower its price for the EpPen would be legitimate competition, which may not be coming until the patent expires.  I have heard recently that Auvi-Q is making a comeback, I would love to see a competitive market with a few options to chose from.

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