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I love food, which is honestly kind of weird. A kid with an allergy like mine loving food is like a person with motion sickness loving racecar driving. It’s weird, but it just works out that way. I really really love food. I especially love sweets. My favorite part of going to the movies is the candy and pop that I get. Honestly, if I were to choose between having movie candy and watching a movie without eating, I would probably pick the candy.

This makes it really upsetting for me whenever I can’t eat a dessert, which is quite often. I remember last year at school there was a special celebration and they bought donuts for the ENTIRE school–except me.  Whenever I go to a restaurant, there is only like a 1 in 20 chance that I will be able to eat the desserts. My parents usually make it up to me when I get home by giving me safe treats, and Enjoy Life Foods are one of my favorite safe treats.


Enjoy Life Foods is a brand of snack and treat foods that is safe from the eight most common allergens, meaning I can have literally whatever I want from them. I actually discovered this brand on a Disney trip. Disney is SUPER great with allergies, and even has their own allergen free snack brand called “Snacks with Character.” Before they had that though, I saw them selling Enjoy life chocolate bars in one of their quick service restaurants, and I was hooked.

They really do have a lot of products too, I was looking at all the things they sell, and there is a lot of stuff.

Want a chocolate flavored granola bar? They have that.

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Want some safe brownie mix? They have that too.

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They even have their own pizza crust mix, which is as awesome as it is random.

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By far my favorite product of theirs is their cookies. They have all different flavors from double chocolate to sugar crisp.`

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In fact, stay tuned for the next couple of days to see how you can be eligible to win an entire case(six boxes) of Enjoy Life cookies!

With a brand that is safe for me to eat, it makes all those times when I couldn’t have a dessert at a restaurant, or at school, or at a friend’s house, or really anywhere that there is food, a little more bearable.

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