Gingerbread party!

As some you may know, I work at target now, so I happen to see a lot of their products pass through my checkout lane. However, one thing definitely caught my eye. I’ve said in previous posts that sometimes my mom likes to hold big gingerbread house decorating parties for the family around Christmas time. She typically makes countless gingerbread houses from scratch because we can never really find any safe gingerbread houses.

Well imagine my surprise when I found out that target is now selling a whole bunch of peanut and tree but free gingerbread house kits at their stores. They come in a whole bunch of different designs, too.

I’m just really happy about this news because it potentially means that my poor mom won’t have to spend all that time making gingerbread houses from scratch the next time we decide to throw a gingerbread party.

I took a couple of pictures of the kits during one of my work breaks. They’re pretty cool!

This one is probably their most common. It’s a normal house that you can build yourself.

This kit is completely prebuilt, which is also super cool.

They also have a really cool gingerbread train kit.

There were a whole bunch of other cool kits too, but these were by far my favorite.

Of course, always check the label before eating anything, and don’t eat anything you’re uncomfortable with eating.

Until next time!


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