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It’s been a while since my last post. Senior year is BUSY.  Now that my finals for first school semester are over, I figure I should have a whole lot more time to post here. I wanted to start off, by talking today about a post I saw from a Facebook allergy mom on her page Red Sneakers For Oakley. Her account is dedicated to educating people about food allergies after her son tragically died from one. Such a heart wrenching story, but I’m constantly inspired by her desire to educate and help people and you should totally check her out.

This week she posted that when going through anaphylactic shock, the correct position in which one should be is lying down with legs raised and supported. Apparently that is the safest position to be during a reaction because it allows the best circulation. I found it so interesting that even after living with food allergies my entire life and going to annual appointments with my allergist I had never been given this information. Such a small change in procedure could have such a drastic difference in the outcome.

I’ve included links to the source material in case you would like to research further.

The first link is to a study written by someone who has looked at over two hundred food allergy related deaths. Their conclusion supports the fact that lying down is the best position to be in during an anaphylactic reaction.

The next article is from a first-aid website and lists all of the proper procedures to do when someone is going through anaphylaxis, including patient positioning (that information is near the bottom of the article).–EhBoxCW3rJSY039I4wNV9DUOKyjY


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