Gary’s favorite things part 2

Yesterday I talked about the safety sack, but now I’d like to talk about another product that helps keep me allergy safe at school. The Safety Sack is good for storing medicine with the office as an added precaution, but I never leave home without a personal set of epi-pens that I carry myself.   Because epi-pens don’t exactly fit into my pocket, I like to use the Kozygo epi-pen cases.  They are made to order and you can choose whether you want a belt pack or one with a carbineer clip.  I prefer the clip–but stay tuned for my next review where I will address gym class/sports activities.

They are really convenient. I simply attach a clip to them and clip the pouch to my jeans. It allows for easy access to my medication no matter where I go. I kind of feel naked without it to be honest.

This is the link to their website if you are interested.

I really love these cases, as they can hold two epi-pens, a whole bunch of Benadryl, and still have room for other medication too. Of all my allergy safety products, this is my favorite.


This is a picture of the pouch, taken from the Kozygo website.

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2 thoughts on “Gary’s favorite things part 2

  1. Great job describing what it is like to be 15 and living with a life threatening allergy. We can relate I have a son starting Highschool in September.

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