Disney Eats Part 4

Hi again!

I’m back again with another Disney eats post. This time I’m going to talk about a sit down in the Polynesian, the Kona Café. It was one of my favorite places to eat during the trip before this one, and we used to eat there frequently for breakfast. I am a huge fan of French toast and cinnamon, and one of the dishes they served was cinnamon French toast, so that place was one of my favorites.

This time however, I was surprised to learn just how much I couldn’t have there. As I said during an earlier post, bread is something that I can only very rarely have in Disney, and this time was no exception. This time not only could I not have the French toast there, but the restaurant’s specialty, Tonga toast, wasn’t safe for me either.

I ended up getting an omelet. It was pretty good, but I was super disappointed that I couldn’t get the French toast anymore.

It seemed to be a common thread throughout the trip that less of the food was available to me. Sure there were a few instances that I could have dessert and bread, but most of the time those things weren’t an option for me.  It seemed like in the past the Chefs had been more willing to create something safe off the menu.  I also was unable to find and safe Goofy’s Candy Kitchen treats or cotton candy, everything packaged seemed to have a facility warning for my allergens this trip. I plan on talking about some of the restaurants that were better for me when it comes to allergies in later posts, but this was not one of them, at least not for breakfast.

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Of course, before enjoying any of the food I post about, double check with your allergist and make sure to talk to the chef and read the ingredient lists.  Your food restrictions may differ from mine.

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