Disney Eats Part 3

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another Disney post! Gosh, just writing about it makes me wish I was back there. The past two posts I wrote were all about what I ate on the first day, but I’m going to jump ahead a little bit to the fourth day, partly because the dinner I had that day was one of my favorites.

The Fort Wilderness campground is home to one of the most famous restaurants in Disney, the Hoop Dee Do Revue. However, it is also home to the Trail’s End restaurant. It is a sit down-buffet style restaurant that serves all the food in Hoop De Do and more. It just doesn’t have the show.

The reason we went though was not about the food (though it was incredible), but it was because one of the greatest chefs in allergy history works there: chef TJ. He is widely known for being super accommodating with allergy guests.

Unfortunately, we just so happened to go to the restaurant the exact day chef TJ was moving into a new house, so he was not there, but Chef Steven, was just as amazing!

He walked me through the buffet and told me what was safe and what wasn’t and then asked what I wanted from the buffet and got it straight from the kitchen to avoid cross contamination.

I said I wanted some chicken, ribs, and mashed potatoes, but I had no idea how much I was going to get!

He totally filled my plate like crazy! I counted about eight pieces of fried chicken and a bunch of ribs! I think my favorite part of the dinner was the chicken. I love fried chicken so much, and that was by far the greatest fried chicken I’ve ever had.

I was stuffed when I finished, but I managed to make room for desert!

Chef Steven made me a giant ice cream sundae with cookies. It was one of my favorite desserts all trip, and it was so big that I couldn’t finish it.

That was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and I would totally recommend this place to anyone visiting Disney.

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