Trick or Treasure

Gosh, it’s been forever since my last post! Sorry for the wait everyone, but with six tests, two presentations, and a foreign language skit, this week was a nightmare. I’m getting super excited for Halloween. I ordered my costume a while ago, and it arrived in the mail recently.

I’m gonna be Harry Potter. I love the books, people say I look just like him, AND my birthday is the same day as Harry Potter’s birthday. Plus, I can say I’m going as Gary Potter. I dress up as him pretty much every other year just because of how perfect it is.

Speaking of Halloween, my last post was about the Teal Pumpkin project, and to continue with the theme, I’m going to talk about a fun local event that goes on in Michigan for kids with allergies.

It’s called Trick or Treasure, and it’s held in a little town called Clawson, Michigan. During Trick or treasure, children with allergies can walk around the town of Clawson in their costumes. If a storefront has a Trick or Treasure sign on it, trick or treaters can walk inside and find someone offering a bowl full of allergy safe treats and toys.

So far, my family and I have gone to the Trick or Treasure event for three years, and this year will be our fourth. Since I can’t always eat the treats on Halloween, this is kind of the next best thing. For people who are interested, the event is on October 29 from noon to three o’ clock this year.

This link leads to the Downtown Clawson website, where they give more details about the event.

Of course this is a local event, so it’s only in downtown Clawson, Michigan. However, there are many local events that support children with allergies. So to make everyone’s Halloween a little bit sweeter, feel free to comment on this post about fun allergy-safe events in your area. I might include it in my next post!

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