So many recalls

Recalls are scary stuff. A huge percentage of food product recalls are because of one of the eight major allergens being identified in a product where they don’t belong. Not to mention all of the EpiPen recalls as of late.

Recalls are especially scary to me because no company is perfect. The company that made the peanut free chocolate I’m eating right now might recall their products, the company that made the granola bars that I secretly stash in my room might start recalling (I’m kidding mom—-I would NEVER stash granola bars in my room.  Cough.  Cough.). The company that made the girl scout cookies that I LOVE might recall their products.

Because there is no certainty to anything, it is important to stay ever vigilant when tracking recalls. Luckily, the FARE website has the perfect place for that.

This link leads to FARE’s allergy alerts and ingredient notices page, where they document recalls involving the eight major allergens, as well as other important announcements, such as Mylan’s major EpiPen recall. It’s all on there.

When dealing with something as ever-changing and uncertain as recalls, its important to have a place to check for the latest recall announcements.

Well, that’s all for today folks, I’m off to find a new hiding spot for my granola bars.

Until next time!


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