School survival and epi-pen education

School is literally one week from now and I’m getting nervous. I’m just trying to brace myself for the homework, responsibilities, and stress that comes with it. Of course, with school also comes new allergy worries as well. It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around the danger of allergies at school. Most kids worry about getting bad grades at school or something. Me, I worry about literally keeling over and dying.

I guess it must be really weird for other people, but I ponder my own mortality constantly at school. I have to. It’s like a safety mechanism, my own survival instinct. Of course I’m not perfect, so I also have to prepare for the event that something goes south. That’s why my family and I have the teachers trained in how to administer an epi-pen.

Epi-pens are kind of like my lifeline. If I ever were to accidentally digest peanut or nut proteins, I would go into a potentially deadly anaphylactic reaction. My body would kind of go into a panic mode, and start shutting down. The epi-pen administers a burst of adrenaline to the body, halting the reaction for about fifteen minutes, usually enough time for an ambulance to arrive, so its imperative that I receive an epi-pen when I react.

It’s really hard to describe how to use an epi-pen in words, without actually showing it, so I found a great video that demonstrates it perfectly. I will post the video below.

Its extremely important to learn how to administer an epi-pen, as it can mean the difference between life and death for someone with an allergy. If you wish to practice using a practice trainer epi-pen that doesn’t have any medicine in it, you can order one for free by simply filling out the form on this link.

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4 thoughts on “School survival and epi-pen education

  1. Great job, Gary! Thank you for sharing the video containing the new epi-pen administration instructions, I’ve shared it with families with kids headed back to school too. ;0)

    • Thank you, I thought the video was great too. I’m planning on showing it to my teachers this year during my Fall 504 meeting so they can help me if there’s an emergency.

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