Peanuts vs. nuts

One of the most common questions I get from my friends who know that I have food allergies is “If you are allergic to peanuts and nuts, aren’t peanuts a type of nut?” Well, I honestly had no idea. So, I decided that for the sake of the blog, I would look into it.

Apparently, the name peanut is misleading, because even though it has the word nut at the end, it isn’t a nut (lost the bet on that one). It is in fact, a legume. Due to the fact that I had no idea what a legume was, I decided to look that up myself as well.

According to the internet, legumes are leguminous (figures), meaning they are a part of the pea family. This means that the peanut is actually closer related to a pea than it is to a nut. I suppose it does have pea in the title, but it isn’t like walnuts are closely related to walls, so I had no idea. A little lesson for everyone I guess, including me.

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