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My most recent post was on the greatness that is MedicAlert and their ID bracelets. They really do make me feel safer.  Especially as I get older and start spending more time on my own and with friends.  As I also mentioned last time, I am a creature of habit.  I have been wearing the same Medic Alert bracelet (just in smaller sizes) since I was four.   However, I decided it might be time for a change.  I just received a new medical ID bracelet from Road ID in the mail. I gotta say, I think I love it just as much, if not more, than I love my MedicAlert bracelet. Road ID is a company that typically makes bracelets for bicyclists and runners so medics have their information if they get into an accident.

However, they also work very nicely if I want to inform doctors of my condition while having an allergic reaction. These bracelets are really comfortable and well made, and I was very impressed by them when I received mine in the mail.

I decided to take a picture of mine to show you how it looks.


This is a picture of my bracelet by the box it came in. I was pretty impressed by the box too, to be honest. It’s all about the presentation to me.


Here is the bracelet on my hand. I decided to just take it while I was typing my blog. Actually, this is the second picture I took of my hand, and I gotta say, I’m impressed. I could totally be a hand model.


These are a bunch of the designs that are available from RoadID. I chose a wide black one, with a darker ID. It’s super duper comfortable. I was able to put my MedicAlert number on my RoadID bracelet, so I can still get all of the services provided by MedicAlert. I was even able to order a badge to add to the bracelet with a medical symbol to make it more obvious that it being used as a medical ID.  It’s sort of the best of both worlds.

This is not a sponsored post.  I bought my new RoadID bracelet.


If you love my cool new bracelet and decide to order one, here is a code you can use to get $5 off  a RoadID bracelet of your own! Just click the link and you’ll be given 5 dollars off any RoadID purchase. That’s it!


This code expires in 10 days, on September 24, so be sure to use it before then.

Until next time!


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