My Peanut Free Project

Gosh, what a week!

As you may know, this blog was created because of one of my cumulative high school projects that I have been doing over the past year and a half.

Well, Friday was the project presentation day! I presented this blog to my entire school along with everyone else who presented their projects. Over 500 people showed up, including students, parents, staff members, and important community figures. It was a really big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the end of Peanut Free Gary. Even though the project is over, I feel that creating this blog has been a truly enriching experience.  This is only the beginning.  I have so much planned for the months ahead!

Before I created this blog, I was afraid to do anything on the Internet. I was always scared that people wouldn’t like the opinions I wrote about, but this blog has helped me immensely.

Thanks to the enormously positive response I have gotten from this blog, I am a much more confident person who isn’t afraid to share his ideas. I wanted to give other kids like me with serious allergies a voice, and I feel like in doing that I have also given myself one.

I am very thankful to each and every one of my readers for supporting me for the past year, and I look forward to earning that support over the next years as I continue to update this blog.

As for the presentation itself, it went incredibly well! Thanks to incredibly generous donations from two of my favorite companies, I gave out samples of Sunbutter and WOWBUTTER, and I even gave tutorials on how to administer an EpiPen with some of my trainers. It was really fun!

My parents were there too, and of course they took a bunch of pictures.

This is what my board looked like. I’m really proud of it.

And here I am with my samples. I gave away a lot of them.  The kids loved them and the parents loved how easy it was to find a substitute.  I have a few samples left over and I am planning to offer samples at lunch.  My school still offers peanut butter sandwiches in the cafeteria at lunch and I would love to see that change to on of these safe alternatives.

Here I am presenting to a bunch of people. I ended up presenting my blog to about 20 different larger groups of people, so it was quite the day for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!

Thanks again for your continued support, and know that I have big plans for the future of this blog, even after my project is over.

Until next time!


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