Hello World!

Hello everyone! My name is Gary, and I am fourteen years old. At first, I seem like any other teenage boy. I love video games, like to hang out with my friends and family, and am an avid Netflix binger. However, I am also allergic to peanuts and nuts. I was diagnosed with my allergy to peanuts at four years old. Later, I was diagnosed with my allergy to pistachios at about ten, and my allergy to cashews at about twelve. My allergies are anaphylactic, which means that they are potentially deadly, however, I don’t let that get in the way of what I want to do and who I want to be. There is always a way around the barriers that my food allergies put up for me. I used to always think of myself as the “allergy kid,” sometimes I still do, but now I am beginning to view myself as a completely normal kid that just so happens to have food allergies. I go to an international baccalaureate (and yes, even after a year, I still have to spell check baccalaureate) school, which means I have to do a personal project for my freshman-sophomore years. The personal project, in IB terms, a way through which students can impact the world through something that is meaningful to them. I find my allergies one of the most important aspects of my life, so my project is to educate people about food allergies through this blog, to hopefully do my part in making the world a safer place for people with food allergies. I hope to update my blog once or twice every week with stories, lessons, and even some allergy safe recipes. I am very excited to begin this major milestone in my life, and even more excited that I can do it with you, my readers. I cannot wait to begin!
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