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I love my grandparents. I really do. They are always so nice to me, especially in regards to my allergy. My entire family is incredibly cautious about my allergy, but I always feel safe whenever I’m at the houses of my two sets of grandparents.

My family has come a long way ever since we learned that I had my allergy, and it seems every day still brings with it a new lesson; however, there was a very steep learning curve when we first found out about my allergy.

Not only my parents, but my grandparents too, had a lot of adjusting to do. Ever since the day we found about my allergy, their lives were forced to cater to my special disability, and it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

That’s why when I found out that the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT for short) had recently released a “grandparent’s guide” for people related to newly diagnosed allergy children, I just had to spread the word.

It is a short yet comprehensive seventeen page booklet that goes over the basics of food allergies, and after looking through it, I can honestly say that it was very well made. If I began to read it having known nothing about allergies, I would feel quite confident in my knowledge after looking through it.

This booklet goes through the basics of food allergies, lists common allergens, defines some key allergy terms, gives real stories about people who have suffered from allergic reactions, and more, it’s an incredible tool that I wish my family had.

It isn’t just for grandparents either. Anyone who knows someone with an allergy would greatly benefit from the knowledge distributed in this helpful booklet.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about food allergies, please follow this link to the FAACT grandparent’s guide so you can spread the word about food allergies.

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