Going the extra mile

Yesterday I was in the lunch room, hanging out with my friends, when something happened that absolutely made my day. My friend walked up to the table after buying lunch with a peanut butter sandwich. Having seen this many times, there is usually a routine I go with. I just told him to make sure he doesn’t touch me and it should be fine.  Then he smiled at me and said that it wasn’t peanut butter. He showed me the label of the wrapped sandwich and it said it was a Wowbutter sandwich!

WOWBUTTER - It's just like Peanut Butter, but BETTER!

I couldn’t believe it. My school had gone the extra mile to provide peanut butter alternatives, and my friend had gone the extra mile to get that instead of bringing a regular PB&J sandwich. My friend even told me that he seriously couldn’t even taste the difference between the Wowbutter and regular peanut butter.

That event literally made my day. I know it’s kind of strange, but whenever anyone goes out of their way to make a safer environment for me, it makes me really happy.

Speaking of which, he’s right, there isn’t even a noticeable difference between Wowbutter and real peanut butter. For those of you who have allergies or are related  to those who have allergies, Wowbutter is a great alternative to peanut butter. Here is the link to their website.


You can order free samples of Wowbutter via the website.

(I am not affiliated or sponsored by the Wowbutter corporation in any way. I just have a great respect for the product.)

Whenever you are willing to do the extra work to make life safer for someone with an allergy, it really makes their day. Trust me, I know firsthand.

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2 thoughts on “Going the extra mile

  1. All I can comment today is WOW !! I can just see your big smile as you appreciate what your school has done for you and all allergy kids. And what a nice smart friend you have. I have a big smile too!😄

  2. So exciting!! Looks like things are really improving. You are definitely making a difference Sounds like you have a great friend!! Keep up the good work!!! So Proud!!!!

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