Epinephrine Pill?

epipen-1024x567The latest development in the allergy community is the EpiPen pill. Doctors have been trying to create a pill that can transfer epinephrine to patients going through anaphylctic shock. In other words, an pill that can replace an EpiPen.

The pill would supposedly be exponentially cheaper than an EpiPen, and last much longer.

Personally, I am thrilled by the idea. I think it’s inspired. If I don’t have to lug around two EpiPens everywhere, and if my parents don’t have to spend ridiculous sums of money on auto-injectors every year–they are estimating that the epinephrine pills could last up to seven years, then I’m happy.

Doctors have been wanting to make EpiPen pills for a while, however, numerous problems arise from it. First, someone going through anaphylaxis might find it difficult to swallow a pill. Even if they could manage, it takes time for a regular pill to be absorbed by the stomach, and epinephrine can’t survive being processed in the stomach.

To bypass that problem, doctors are looking into making it an ODT, or orally disintegrating tablet. Those are those pills that you hold under your tongue and it dissolves.

I think this is absolutely fascinating, and if you do too, then I have some links on the story if you want to read more.



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