Easter Treats

I sure do love Easter. As a kid that bases my entire life over how, when and where I can get my next piece of candy, it’s remarkably convenient that there is a holiday devoted to candy like this. It really takes a lot of the legwork out of it, AND you don’t have to walk through the entire subdivision to get candy like Halloween. It’s really just perfect.

This was my Easter basket from last year. Of course, nothing remained after a couple minutes, but it was glorious while it lasted.

Of course, there is the ever-recurring issue of allergies, but I make it work. I always read labels to check whether or not candy is safe, and I’m always on the lookout for new safe candies.

One of the foremost authorities on safe Easter candy is the Kids with Food Allergies website.

They have a spot on their website that lists candies that are safe of your specific allergens.


The best part is they update the page every year, so any changes that happen between Easter holidays is documented on their website.

The link I just posted is their most recent, Easter 2017 page, but always read the labels, and call the candy companies if you are still unsure or have questions.

Well, that’s all for today. Until next time.


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  1. Another great post! Just in time for the Easter Bunny! You do such a great job making things safe for so many! Enjoy a SAFE Easter!🐰😘

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