5 Reasons why Allergies aren’t Everything

Hey Guys!

I have always seen the new year as a fresh start and an opportunity for reflection.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I know that even though I say that my allergies don’t define my life about every other post, I’ve never really explained why. I mean, sure, it would make sense that my allergies change stuff, but life goes on with or without allergies, so I wanted to write out five reasons why they aren’t the end of the world for those who are new with the whole “allergy scene.”

1. There are other options

For every unsafe food, there are going to be alternatives. If you can’t eat peanut butter, there’s Sunbutter or Wowbutter. There’s milk free alternatives, soy free alternatives, and alternatives to pretty much everything if you’re willing to look hard enough.

2. People will understand

Just as there are people who don’t “get it,” there are just as many people who really try to understand your allergies, and people will learn how to help you. It’s crazy how my relatives have adapted to my allergies, and now they are able to accommodate for my food needs like we wouldn’t have been able to imagine before.

3. Treatments are coming

We’re really not that far out from a permanent treatment to food allergies. Scientific advancements like the “peanut allergy pill” that I blogged about a few posts back are being made to help people like us overcome our allergies, and maybe soon we won’t have to worry as much as we did.

4. There are groups that will help

Organizations like FARE (Food allergy Research and Education), WAO (World Allergy Organization), and AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation) were created for the specific purpose of researching and spreading awareness of food allergies and related issues. If I ever have any questions regarding my allergies, or if I’m looking for any resources, I always go to their websites, such as FARE’s http://foodallergy.org for help.

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5. It gets better

No matter what, it gets better. You’re gonna get used to it and it gets easier to deal with your allergy as the days pass. You will eventually learn what to say to the people at a restaurant, you’ll learn how to read a label and spot the allergens in seconds. It’s gonna get easier, so just hang in there for now.

I hope this list helped. I made it for you my friends, but also as a reminder to myself.

Until next time!


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